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Prepasted Mural

Monday, April 18th, 2011

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Bathroom Remodeling 2: Wallpaper

Browse any big box remodeling store and you will find a large selection of wallpaper, with a healthy percentage being perfectly suited for bathrooms. Patterns range all the way from solid colors to muted designs to bold stripes and murals.

If you've never papered a wall before, you probably feel a little intimidated. The is no reason to. Wallpapering used to be quite an adventure. First I had to tack canvas (kind of like cheesecloth) to the walls and ceiling, then mix the pasta. After cutting strips of paper to size, put it face down, spread adhesive on the back, and then used the paper to the canvas. You often wound up with more glue and paper on you than on wall! Today, most wallpaper prepasted, so all you need to do is to wet the back with a brush and use the paper to the drywall surface.

There is little more to it than that, but it is certainly within the capabilities of the average weekend, the DI-Yer. And if you're still worried, check out the big box retailers in your area. They often run free clinics on how to install tile, wallpaper and similar items.

By the way, if the house happens to have solid wood walls instead of plaster (and will if it was built in 1920 or 1930), install a 1 / 8 "thick sheet of tempered masonite over the forest and use the loss in the same way as you would over the plaster.


Not wanting to use panel or loss? Then consider the old standby, paint. The possibilities are endless where color is concerned. Thanks to the computerized color mixing, you can take a swatch of literally anything and have it pass. A piece of fabric, the flesh of an avocado, and with a specific color detected on an ad in the local newspaper may be duplicated. Just realize A small swatch can not give a true indication of what a whole room that color will look like. Make sure the color is what you really want before you have it mixed, because you do not will be able to return it if you change your mind.

As far as colors popular today, it's hard to say. But at present there seems to be much light pastels such as green, blue and yellow are used in bathrooms. It's pretty much your choices, but remember that darker colors tend to make a room look smaller than it really is, especially if it is a windowless interior bathroom.

When selecting paint, the color is not the only decision you have to do. Shop will want to know if you want a glossy, semi-gloss and matte finish. With the quality of paint out there today, it is mainly a matter of preference. Gloss, as the name implies, is bright and shiny. Semi-gloss reflects not so much as the gloss does. As for math, also known as satin or eggshell, it has only a slight shine to it. Generally gloss the easiest to clean and semi-gloss anything less. Math can be the hardest, especially if a child takes a marker to it. But, washable matt paint finish is also available if you prefer your finish. Paint with a true flat finish is also available but is not recommended if you're looking for something reasonably easy to clean.

One advantage of painting is that if you can hold a brush or roller, you can paint … even if you have never done it before. All you need is some quality brushes, a paint roller and some get refills, the painter's masking tape and a ladder or step tool. Once again, do not be afraid to ask for advice from a paint store or take one of these free how-to clinics. Finally, if you're still afraid to slop on the first brush full of paint because you are afraid you will break something, get a scrap piece of plywood or lumber and practice.

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