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Rivera Mural

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Rivera Mural
Who is Diego Rivera? Was he successful?

I have more questions about Diego Rivera. What American City was able to "see" his work? Who specifically called for the destruction of Rivera work there? Which countries did Rivera took his design? Was he successful as a mural painter? If he is why? or why not?

Diego Rivera was a successful and famous Mexican-born painter who was one of the main artists (if not the primary contributor) to the art of movement from the 1930s known as "Mexican Muralism." Out of the many murals painted over Mexico, Rivera painted murals for the San Francisco Stock Exchange, Detroit Institute of Arts and the Rockefeller Center in New York. The last of these wall paintings were damaged before it was finished because Rivera refused to comply with a request to remove the image of Vladimir Lenin. The themes Rivera's murals are the result of his desire to construct a coherent narrative that speaks directly to the Mexican nation. The first murals in its fully mature style is a mixture of many elements taken from Cubist, from Pre-Columbian narrative relief and from artists such as Gauguin and Rousseau.