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Heroes Mural

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Heroes Mural

World order of terror and supermacy ,CAN WE AVOID BLOOD SHED IN LIBYIA ?

WORLD ORDER OF TERROR AND SUPERMACY,can we avoid bloodshed in Libyia?

 By Prof Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani

The days of Italian repression in Libya saw more than 60,000 Libyan deaths and many more killed. It has also Brent of the Hitler’s Nazism and resultant murders of the fascist forces of Italian-German mafia. The installing of a self styled king and its removal by a blood less coup by COL Gadflies gave a hope of development, science and technology to improve life styles of Libyan.

 To some extent it helped to develop Libya from a hungry nation to a much prosperous who feeds millions of foreign workers from India, Pakistan, china, Russia, and rest of the world including America and Canada.

The French always had its influence because of the language spoken freely in Libya .It is like Brits and Americans having an English language advantage in Indian subcontinent. The Gadflies faced many onslaughts on his rules from very beginning. He advocated and adopted a socialist and not Islamic way of governance.

 For years he used the oil prices to remove the faulty distribution of GDP AMONG URBAN AND RURAL SOCIETIES. The rural societies gained much influence and economic growth during his rule. However Gadflies regime was always a blemish in the eyes of west and many coups were played by his opponents both from civilians and army. He survived all coups and in fact become a hero few decades before to have preparations for a nuclear Arab bomb. This made him a direct target of Israel and west .

His support from USSR became lame after fall of USSR and broth of a unipolar world .This made Gadflies an orphan in the world as no one was there to boost his moral or support him in the UNO or other world forms. His nuclear ambitions were dashed to ground under the unipolar world order and he scrummed to their pressure.

He abandoned the nuclear plan and this was perhaps his first folly. Had he acted intelligently and cared for his nuclear deterrent as has the Primer Bhutto of Pakistan done with Libyan and Saudi petro dollars, he would have avoided the coups and western intervention. In fact the friendship of west is more dangerous than their enimity.They is timid worriers, they play tricks and use propaganda and the mute diplomacy to divest their friends more easily than their enemies who dare to see eye to eye to them. The Iranian crisis was deeper than Libyan one.

The Islamic Governance there relied on God more than the western friends. They have defeated the designs of the west and are real, inspire of many grave situational assaults on them. Their faith is still a blemish in the eyes of west and they try more tricks than they play with others. Thus the folly of the Gadflies was his friendship mode with west and loosing the strong friendship mode of the rest of the world powers. Thus his fate is meeting the same end as of the Sad am Hussein for years.

The Gadflies tried to rule his country with iron hand but his politics remained a puppet in the hands of western advisers a mix of Sacristy type friends in disguise of foes. He did not rely on God and never wished to have an Islamic rule in his country. He became a lover of wealth, wine, women and power. Under his eyes his Son grew as devils more notorious than the Kabeal.The internal war of 3w’S made him a devil on Libyan land.

 He committed torture of Islamists and is still blaming Al-KAEDIA and not his real enemies. He is unable to perceive that Al-kieda is a ghost played by west to amaze wealth of Muslim world and drain resources from rest of the world. Every century they need a ghost to fight. The 1900 saw Hitler and fascism to be their central focus to rule over the world.2000 AD saw a open war ageist socialism and communism and disabled it not by direct war but a proxy war created AL kaedia and run havoc with the super power called USSR. After the fall of the USSR, he focuses on destruction of Iraq and Iran, turkey inclusive.

They the west tried to create a Kurd boggy to trouble the three Iraq, turkey, and Iran. Turks were clever and their EU neighbourers realized the trouble may shoot at their door step and bring the war mongers near their borders .They collectively advised or helped Turkey to take drastic action to subdue the Kurd revolt. This disappointed the super power on earth and they concentrated on the rest .

They divested Iraq due to the folly of Sadam .It was Sadam like Gadflies who tried to befriend USA and west and fought a 10 year war with Iran. He exhausted all his military power in the war and also timidly surrendered the nuclear bomb deterrent .Gadflies made the same mistakes. He relies on foreign mercenary than his own arny.The Hosni mural was a bit clever and a patriotic to leave his country in tact in the revolt.

The Gadflies is foolish and has a pride of Nirmrood.He must immediately, abandon power. He may constitute a liberal, Islamic committee of all his opponents and ask them to have an Islamic democracy like Iran. He can even borrow the Iran constitution and adopt it. Have Iranian, Russian, Chinese, Pakistani experts to have a free and fair election and handover the power to the people elected government. He may settle like his friend Husain Mubarak some where and when the dust settles he can come back and live like a nationalist Libyan as was hid image.

I have many plans to avoid bloodshed in the Arab world. Is some interested to hear? I have a plan to safe guard the world and have an Arab peaceful world devoid of nuclear ambitions or any wish to destroy Israel or the west. It is in the interest of west and the world to seek my advice and rejunivate a new peaceful order in the worlds. My earlier articles on the topic can be had from world political opinion on or www,

About the Author

prof Ghulam Mohyuddin wani is a university professor and director of Extension Education.He has been educated and trained in Germany.India and has visited and lectured on socia-economic and extension education reforms round the globe.He has been an author of many reviews and articles om Iraq,Iran,Egypt,Isreal,Kashmir.His artivles have been published in world opinion websites and have been apprecited and branded as new thicnk tank idea for a peaceful world.We would apprecite feed back on facebook or on