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Bath Mural

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Bath Mural
can anyone plz help me in this homework !!!???!!!?

I have homework to do and I do not have time to do it ……. I must baby sitting and I must have time to take a bath, eat dinner and relax ….. if u could help plz I will vote u best answer ok here is Q's: # 1 Alice cave is 12 feet long and10 ft wideif her it is converted so that they deminsions is doubled, how would the perimeter change … How will the area change? # 2 A square mural is 784 in. square of the parallelogram in the mural has the same base, height and area as a place, what is deminsions of the parallelogram. and now I have to do a book report on the book Coraline. any suggestions? If you know a good summary plzt and thx a lot!

1: 12 ft * 10ft = 120ft: area before remodeling 12 feet + 12 ft + 10ft + 10ft = 44ft: perimeter before remodeling 24ft * 20ft = 480ft: is for remodeling 24ft + 24ft + 20ft + 20ft = 88ft: perimeter for rebuilding the area will quadruple (x4) circumference will double # 2: the base and height of the parallelogram is 196in (784in / 4) pages 277.19in (Pythagorean theorem) Coraline: