October 7th, 2011

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The Pleasure Of Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is one of the most well-liked hunting sports internationally. It is as much a social calling as it is a probe, in fact, representing a whole set of cultural standards and etiquette rules that many people do not even consider. It provides a whole culture all its own, from a correct dress code to duck hunting dogs and assistants. The field of duck hunting is ripe with cultural significance, but is in addition has a dark side and represents a less than desirable facet of human nature. Regardless of the viewpoint, there is something to be learned about duck hunting that may shed some light on either side of the ethical quandary.

Duck hunting is mainly a sporting activity around the globe now, as commercial duck hunting has since been banned in the majority of the developed countries. Duck hunting is, in point of fact, as old as time itself. There are early indications that ducks and geese were in some manner hunted during the Ice Age. Cave drawings indicate that duck hunting was a sound practice as soon as possible in human existence, giving way to ducks and swans appearing on cave paintings in Ice Age Europe. There is in addition evidence of duck hunting in Egypt, as a mural on the tomb of Khum-Hotpe displays a man capturing ducks in a stream. Ducks were also likely hunted by early man in the Americas, as early Peruvian art indicates.

With this international history, duck hunting enjoys a popularity that spreads around the globe. It is especially popular in North the USA, where the largest number of localized ducks can be located. Most ducks use the Mississippi River as a migratory guide, so many duck hunts take place along the river to use it as a guide for finding ducks. Arkansas is a leading hotbed of duck hunting, with Stuttgart being considered the “duck hunting capital of the world”.

Duck hunting is oftentimes considered popular because of its simplicity. The equipment of the trade are simplistic enough, from a decoy set to a shotgun and duck call. The essence of duck hunting is founded on the trickery of utilizing the decoy and the duck call hand in hand to entice the ducks out and into the air towards the decoy. After this happens, the ducks are in open range for the hunt and the firing begins. These hunts come about around rivers, streams, rivers and any other bodies of water where ducks can be found.

There are many aspects that stand in contrast to duck hunting, naturally. Most waterfowl conservation experts concur that the hunting of any sort of waterfowl does little to help any situation. In fact, most marsh and wetland areas are shrinking at tremendous rates, giving rise the the criticism that duck hunting efficiently diminishes an already decreasing habitat. There are several organizations that constantly spar with duck hunters over this reality.

One establishment is the popular Ducks Almost limitless. Ducks Unlimited is an international establishment that stands as the leader in non-profit marshland protective cover and the protective cover of waterfowl. Ducks Almost infinite often times fits hunters to look after the marshlands and look after the hunter’s way of life. The main goal of Ducks Unlimited is the conservation of localized habitats where ducks can be seen, enabling hunters to continue protected and logical hunts of ducks and enabling the survival of more ducks by creating better places for them to live.

Still, some hunters ignore this doctrine and have no involvement in any protective cover of habitats. They, instead, pillage the duck areas and hunt ducks that ought not to be hunted. Duck hunting remains a controversial sport as a result of this aspect, regrettably, and will carry on have a dark side as long as hunters remain blissfully ignorant as to the realities of organizations like Ducks Almost limitless. Without the cooperation of hunters and marshland protectors, duck hunts may be an item of the past.


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