October 6th, 2011

Mural Ocean

Designing an Ocean Themed Bathroom

One popular theme for a bathroom is an ocean theme. There are plenty of dcor items available that can help give your bathroom that unique ocean look so that you feel like you are at the beach every time you set foot in the room. By following these tips and using your creativity, you should be able to come up with an awesome ocean theme for your bathroom.

Paint the Bathroom with Colors from the Ocean
You can quickly transform your bedroom into an ocean retreat by painting it blue, green, tan, and cream: the colors of the ocean. Paint the walls cream and then add a turquoise accent wall for a distinctive twist to the ocean theme. Another great way to add more color to the room is to add yellow, which highlights the feeling of a warm sun over the ocean.

For those of you who are really creative, consider painting an ocean mural on one of the walls. Not only does this add a great focal point, but its the perfect way to fill a large space. If the bathroom is right off your bedroom, then it will seem as if you are right on the ocean.

Use Real Ocean Accessories
Rather than buying all your dcor items from the store, try using items that can be easily found down at the beach or ocean. Its amazing how things such as shells and sand make such great additions to the room. To add instant ambiance, place a basket of shells or bottles of sand on the shelf.

Hang an Ocean-Themed Shower Curtain
The shower curtain is one of the first things people notice when they enter the bathroom. You can play up the shower area by hanging an ocean-themed shower curtain there. You might choose one with a beautiful ocean or beach scene, or go with a more playful look, perhaps with pictures of fish. Choose your curtain based on what type of mood youre trying to create: ocean retreat or a fun beach theme.

Look for Themed Accessories to Complete the Look
Ocean bathroom themes are popular these days, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect accessories for your dcor. Look for things that have some sort of ocean-related aspect to them, such as soap dishes, wastebaskets, bath mats, and towels. A fish-shaped soap dish would work great with a fun variation of this theme, whereas elegant shell-shaped soaps in a blue soap dish would be more appropriate for a serious ocean retreat.

You can use an ocean theme for a master bathroom, as easily as you can use it for a childs bathroom. After all, there are many different variations upon this theme, from sand sculptures to fish, to lighthouses. Have fun with this theme, and be sure to include your own personality when designing the style.

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