September 15th, 2011

Mural Decor

A Beginner’s Guide To Decorating With Coastal Bath Accessories

Coastal bath decor is probably the easiest and least expensive theme available. It requires minimalism and a muted color scheme that varies very little.

The color scheme should be that of the typical beach. It includes sand, light blue, creams, and white wash. Elements of green and drift wood may also be brought in if desired.

A soft tone is best for the overall wall color. Sand or white wash work well. The accessories can be used to bring in the other colors. If you want a warmer feeling bathroom than the typical beach theme, consider painting the walls a glowing sandy gold. It will give the feel of a warm night time beach, rather than one in daylight.

You may also find yourself in need of changing existing wall tiles. New tiles can be quite expensive so if your budget does not allow for them, think of painting the ones that are already there to match. First make sure the tiles are clean and dry. The next step is to apply a primer and let that dry. Finally, cover it with a waterproof color to match the theme. Be sure to get the advice of the representatives at the hardware store. They will be able to tell you what best to choose from the available paint.

The easiest part of redecorating a beach theme bathroom is accessorizing. Living near a beach makes the task even easier if your municipality allows for collection of items from the beach. Take a walk and collect interesting rocks, sand, shells, driftwood, and other objects. These items can be used to craft anything from soap dishes to waste baskets to picture frames. You may also think of ways to incorporate the items into a piece of art to frame and display on the walls.

If you do not live near a beach, or you do not have the time or the patience to do crafts, it’s OK, you can still accessorize very frugally. Yard sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, and discount dealers all have a wealth of beach themed items that you can use. In addition, your existing items may easily be converted to belong by a quick buffing and white wash treatment.

Another great thing about beach theme decor is that nothing has to match. This theme is random, breezy, and uncomplicated. As long as the accessories fall within the color scheme and theme, it will go. Towels and shower curtains will be best in white or cream, and furniture and baskets made from wicker or white washed or weathered wood. Choosing weathered wood will bring in richer colors to offset the muteness of the rest of the room.

Artwork for this room should be simple as well. A print of a single shell or a seagull in a large frame will do. Murals are an option but be careful with them as they can often be tacky.

Greenery is an often overlooked item in this theme. A look around any beach will expose an array of flowers and greenery at the edges. Including yellow flowers, grasses, and green plants in your bathroom will brighten the space and add color just where it counts.

The most important thing to remember for your coastal bath is simple and minimal. A great final touch to give the room a warmer feel is the inclusion of candles.

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