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Mural Backsplash

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Mural Backsplash
Has anyone painted on ceramic tiles or painted ceramic tile backsplashes?

I'm thinking of expanding my field (I paint murals) to include painted backsplashes for kitchen and other places. I bought a book on how to lay ceramic tile, I just need to know if there is someone out there with experience in this, and how they felt about it, any ideas?

I have painted ceramic tiles (for use as coasters), with great success in "Glossies" paint. Only use it to a clean tile, and then bake it in the oven at the specified temperature and time. The end result is a washable, highly usable surface. Mine is now 7 years old, and look the same as the day I first painted them. They get constant use, too, which says a lot for the quality of the paint:) Another idea: You can buy bisqued (kicking) tiles at your local clay supplier. With these, apply underglazes (as you paint as you would oil or acrylic – painting a picture or design, mainly) and then fire. When underglazes is fired, coat them with a clear glaze, fire, and you have your finished work. These would be great for backsplashes. If you want to create a truly custom backsplash, though you probably want to consider making your own tiles (which says they must be square ???). If you do not have the equipment (it can be quite expensive with a slab roller, kiln, tools, glazes, etc.), you should seriously consider taking a class at your local community college or university. If you do not have worked with clay before, it will be good for you to learn the qualities of a medium, the importance of drying time, the benefits of using a particular type of clay, glaze interactions etc. Good luck! You have a good idea to broaden your horizons! 🙂