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Garden Mural

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Garden Mural

Contemporary Garden Ideas – Original and Unique

A garden in the middle of the city is what you need to unwind and be one with nature.  It is your perfect getaway from the busy buzz of people and vehicles.  That is why most urban homes find a space for the greens to flourish. 

The gardens for these small spaces are usually classified as contemporary gardens in general.  The space is for its owners to relax and entertain small number of guests. The contemporary garden adds color, vibrancy and life to the minimal space. 

Here are some types of gardens under contemporary garden classification.

Zen Gardens

The word Zen leans towards a Chinese and Japanese culture that gives emphasis on meditation and being at peace.  A garden inspired by Zen recreates an atmosphere that collaborate earth elements mostly rocks, garden stones, gravel and sand.  Plants are used sparingly for this type of garden.   If the space allows, in a corner rocks with flowing water is placed to recreate a space that sets the mood of meditation.

Patio Gardens

Patios though how small the space may be is usually transformed to a functional and a place to retreat and relax.   The place is usually coordinated with the materials used in the home.  If the house is made of concrete, patio extensions have bricks for its flooring while for houses made of wood; patios are also made of wooden floors.  Walls of the patio go in harmony with the house design and interior. Some place mural to accentuate the place.  Hanging plants are great additions to this type of garden that makes it even more relaxing despite its urban location.

Feng Shui Gardens

A Feng Shui garden depicts the ancient Chinese discipline that brings balance to elements of nature and the people around it.  In a Feng Shui inspired garden, energy flow which is the chi is important and so with the balance of the yin and the yang. To pave the way for the energy flow to the garden is through placing flower plants, shrubs and trees accentuated with butterflies and birds.  As for the yin and the yang, the elements of nature such as metal, wood, earth, fire and water are strategically place to ensure that there is balance among all elements. 

With these contemporary garden ideas, you can transform your outside urban space in no time.  All you have to do is be creative and resourceful. Decide on an inspiration that best reflects your personality and the atmosphere that will give you a sweet retreat.

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