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Hanging Mural

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Hanging Mural

Removable Kids Wall Murals are Inexpensive and Fun

Especially for nurseries and rooms for babies, few decoration trends are as popular, personal, and fun as kids wall murals. Unfortunately, part of the charm and status that comes with kids wall murals is their extremely high price. Finding an artist that specializes in murals, is good at the sorts of themes that you are interested in for your kid’s wall murals, and willing to work within your price range can be incredibly difficult.

Getting The Look Without Breaking The Bank

Fortunately, technology has met up with creativity to solve this problem once and for all. Removable wall sticker murals give the same beautiful, detailed look as traditional hand painted kids wall murals for a mere fraction of what you would pay an artist. By purchasing one of these kids wall murals, you get the same beauty and quality that others have paid thousands of dollars to have for their children.


Wall murals are just as beautiful, and have some additional interactive benefits also.  Be sure to check out the thousands of Removable Wall Stickers found at the Wall Sticker Outlet, who happens to offer free shipping as well!

Easy To Change

Unlike expensive painted wall murals, peel-and-stick wall murals are easy to change. These fully removable wall murals leave no sticky residue or trace pigments left behind on the wall when removed. Many boys wall murals and girls wall murals go on with nothing but a few drops of water, and they are removed with the same ease. And since you’re saving such a large amount of money by choosing sticker murals, you can afford to get a couple of different choices and change them as your children’s tastes change as well!

Renter Friendly Murals Bring Unparalleled Personalization

Until recently, these custom wall murals were only the purview of people who owned their own homes; rare is the landlord or landlady who would agree to allow a tenant to do something as drastic and permanent as paint a girls wall mural in their daughter’s bedroom. Even finding a rental home that comes with permission to paint the walls a different color can be nearly impossible, leaving people who rent their home or apartment with little to choose from when it comes to making their house or apartment truly feel like a home.

Because removable wall murals are so clean to install and remove, you can change the entire look of a space with less impact to the structure or condition of the wall itself than you would make by hanging a small picture in a frame.

The Clear Choice For Brightening Up Any Room

Whether your child loves princesses or race cars, dinosaurs or Disney, the incredible variety of kids wall murals will have you covered. In fact, many wall murals come with a number of smaller stickers and components for the overall look, allowing your child to be the artist and decide exactly how his or her wall mural should be arranged! Nothing could be more fun or more cost effective than a sticker wall mural for your child’s room.

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